Partnership Schemes
iAccess Partner Program
The iAccess Partner Program enhances the value of your business and provide you the competitive edge to secure and improve your positioning in the industry. We are committed to delivering the benefits that fit your needs, regardless of your organization's business size or focus. As each partner organization has its own preference and strategy, we have provided three accreditations to cater to your specific requirements.

$0 upfront investment Scheme

Gold Partner enjoys immediate value enhancement to their property and provides higher value add to its tenant and guests at virtually no additional capital investment. This preferred approach of the majority hospitality business This preferred approach of the majority hospitality business managements allows property management to provide new HSIA service with no additional investment while generating fresh streams of recurring income with negligible operating expenses. iAccess will invest in the infrastructure necessary to deliver the services in the property & will be responsible for maintenance and operation of the services.

Co-investment Scheme

Silver Partner will enjoy new service revenue and value enhancement to their property by co-investing with iAccess to deploy the infrastructure to deliver the services. iAccess will facilitate the management in enhancing the property infrastructure including upgrading the in house wiring, supplying and preparing in house equipment etc. Routing and Networking Equipment will be furnished and owned by iAccess for delivering of the services. iAccess will maintain and operate the infrastructure.

Full Investment Scheme

Premier Partner invests and owns the entire infrastructure to deliver the services. iAccess will provide a turnkey project to supply and install the necessary infrastructure to enable Premier Partner to enhance their service offering to deliver additional HSIA services. iAccess will cover maintenance services and provide Internet access to the property.